Tips and Tricks

Just some tips and tricks that I have picked up from some time in the outdoors:
Being comfortable is a big plus. It will relieve aches and pains, and give you sense of hope if you are lost.

Number one:


Always pray for protection before starting a hike. This will absolutely be the best thing you can do. You know if your laying there dying youll be doing it anyway. Why not start out with it.

Number two:

Toilet paper.

There is no substitution. After you have tried the alternatives, you will see, good ole tp is #1 on the list. Be sure to put it in a zip loc bag and don’t go cheap. Last thing you want is some John Wayne paper out in the woods.

Number three:


If you have ever gone without, you’ll understand. You can go without fire and water for a couple days. But eventually, you will have to poo and sleep. When you do, you dont want to use your hand or a rock. So, pillow and toilet paper.

Now we can begin to break it down into fire and water. Being prepared is the best thing you can do.


Being organized is one of the best tips you can get. Know where your stuff is. Pack, unpack, use, repack, repeat. Keep your equipment clean and organized and it will last twice as long.


An excellent source of heat and light. Most packs have tons of pockets and cubby holes. These were made for lighters. So take a lot. Now when you build your fire, your going to want to keep your hands out of it when you light it. So a barbeque grill lighter is a good call.


Just about any pocket knife will do the trick. No matter the size. This will aid you in cutting rope, opening packages, whittling. chopping wood etc. Take a couple or three. Put one at close range, easily accessible. The other two, you can take and strap to the outside of your pack or interior somewhere. A fixed blade knife will be much easier to clean after a game kill than a folding knife.

Water Treaters

Pick up some water treaters before you go. They are fairly cheap at Walmart. Follow the instructions, and boil the water before hand for an extra dose of filtering.

My method of treatment.

1. Take water from stream (good running source if possible. Use regular ole water bottles for the hike in and use one to retrieve the water. Filter through a t-shirt or hand towel for first run.

2. Bring water to a boil for 30sec dont waste the gas. Take the boiling water and put into a metal container. Seal the container and throw it back in the river to cool. After it cools, put it back into your water bottles and treat with the water treatment tablets. Be sure to mark clean and dirty bottles.

3. A third but unnecessary step would be to add some Country Time Lemonade to the bottles. This will help with the taste of the treatment tablets. Its light weight and just a good idea.

Measurement Check

A liter is equal to about 33oz or a large Gatorade bottle.




The dehydrated meals from Walmart or a hiking store are good. Mountain House tastes the best. But there are cheaper alternatives. Ramen noodles are a dirt cheap carbs source that are light weight. Peanut butter crackers provide protein and carbs keep these accessible for a quick snack on the trail. Chocolate chip granola bars are good too and prepackaged. If you have time, and want to plan ahead. Get a cheap dehydrator from Walmart. Make a big batch of chicken and rice before you go. Stick it in the dehydrator and then vac seal it or just in zip loc bags works too. Take a good ole piece of white bread with you to soak up and clean your cook pot. Having a good hardy meal after a long day of walking is great.


Know where you are. If you’re going with a friend don’t trust them to know the way. They may not always be there to tell you how to get help. Know how far it is to the nearest highway and how long it will take you to get there. If you don’t have anyway to signal for help, start a good green leaf fire before you leave. This will mark the location of the injured person so rescuers can find them. Don’t be stupid about it either. Make a ring as best you can so you don’t burn down the woods or kill your friend.

Cell Phone

Make sure and keep your cell off while hiking. In a pinch it could save your life. If a backup battery is an option, take it.


Fire in the rain is tough. If you have room a piece of cheap blue tarp from Walmart can be hung above your campfire to keep the rain off. You can reuse it too. One of the best tricks I have learned is saving old dryer lint. This combined with Vaseline will make a great fire starter. Wrap it up in some wax paper and tie off with a cotton string.

Cook Set

Take a hand towel and put in a plastic fork and spoon and some sani wipes. Roll them up and rubber band it. Put this with your cook pot and stove and store together. Always clean your utensils after use and repackage everything so its easy to get out the next time.

Surviving a Forest Fire

Good advice here:


When spear fishing aim lower than the target.

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